Impressions ...

Want to see The Octopus Sequencer in action?
The following video gives a short introduction on how to use The Octopus Sequencer. Grab a coffee, sit back and relax.

Something for your ears???

The commercial track has been produced with the help of two Octopus Sequencers!

Octopus Sequencer 1: Used to generate beats and the main “popcorn” like synth. From time to time the timing has been doubled (x2) using the Octopus Sequencer timing feature. The Octopus Sequencer has been connected to a DAW using the MIDI interface.

Octopus Sequencer 2: Used to generate the baseline by controlling a Moog Sub 37. The clock of this Octopus Sequencer has been used to send clock timing information to the other Octopus Sequencer and the DAW.