Guidelines for pre-orders

The guidelines for pre-orders extend the general terms and conditions.

  • Products that are not in stock can be purchased by pre-order. The process of a pre-order is as follows:
    1. The customer can pre-order the product via the web store.
    2. The payment (+ shipping costs) is received and processed by VIRAM.
    3. The parts and components required for production are ordered from the suppliers, and the product is produced and finished.
    4. The customer is informed of the completion and the product will be shipped.

  • If the price of the pre-ordered product is changed afterwards, the product price at the time of the pre-order shall apply.

  • Products with a pre-order option are clearly marked in the webshop with “Pre-Order” or “Vorbestellung”. In addition, on the details page for the pre-order, a clear reference is made to the product meant by the pre-order option.

  • Pre-orders are produced and dispatched in the order in which they are received. If a pre-order is canceled or expires, the claim to it is transferred to the next person in the list of pre-orders.

  • If an order contains both products ready for delivery and products for pre-order, the shipment will be sent as a single package as soon as all products in the order are available.

  • The top priority is to produce and deliver pre-ordered products as quickly as possible. Customer understands and agrees that delays may occur (e.g. supply chain delays, availability of parts and components, large list of pre-orders). The times quoted from the customer’s pre-order through payment to completion of the product is an estimate. VIRAM accepts no responsibility or guarantee for this period or for any damage that may arise as a result.

  • The customer is constantly informed about changes to their pre-order (pre-order status, updates on production time, etc.). The e-mail stored in the webshop when the pre-order is placed is used as a means of doing this.

  • The usual shipping conditions, general terms and conditions and the revocation policy apply.