Viktor ratza modular

Development of handmade modular electronic music instruments.
Located in Bonn, Germany.

Once upon a time ...

Since my early childhood I am fascinated by electronic music and electronic music instruments. In particular hardware-based synthesizer always acted like magnets to me. When I look back in time I see myself as a little boy walking to the next music store ready to play with electronic instruments for hours.

... and today.

As a local live act I am well experienced when it comes
to working with electronic music instruments on stage during live performances as well as in my home studio while producing electronic music.

As a physicist I have the required knowledge and the right skills in order to develop and design all parts which are needed to construct my own electronic music instruments.

VIRAM - Viktor Ratza Modular

That’s why I started in 2020 with the development of my first own instrument: The Octopoid, a modular Euclidean pattern sequencer.

Initially intended only to be used by myself, soon the idea came up to make this instrument available to other musicians and producers. That’s when VIRAM – Viktor Ratza Modular – was born.

Creating electronic music instruments is not simply developing some electronic thing. For me it feels like creating a piece of art and offers so much space to live out and unfold my creativity.

Dr. Viktor Ratza